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EPC Surveys, Energy Performance Certificate Manchester, Liverpool

EPC Surveys

Do you own a commercial building and require an energy performance certificate (EPC)? Contact us at Intelligent Building Works Ltd, we conduct EPC surveys and can provide you with a commercial EPC and recommendation reports. Whether you plan to rent, lease or sell the property by law you are required to have a commercial EPC. One of our trained and Elmhurst Energy accredited energy assessors will visit your property at a time to suit and assess the property for its energy efficiency and then provide you with an EPC and recommendation report.

What is a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate?

A commercial EPC is a certificate that shows the energy efficiency of your property. It clearly indicates the current rating of the building and what can be achieved if further improvements are made. This type of certificate can be extremely useful for people looking to lease or buy commercial properties, giving them a clear indication of just how well the property performs. An EPC comes complete with a recommendation report that suggests possible improvements that can be carried out to make the property more energy efficient. 

Have you got an EPC for your property?

If you own a commercial building, or plan to lease, rent or sell a business property you are required by law to have a current EPC. A small number of buildings are exempt from this, but in general the rule of thumb is commercial buildings require an up-to-date energy performance certificate and failing to have one can result in a fine by trading standards.

Don't worry if you require a new EPC. We can assess your property and carry out EPC surveys  on your behalf to provide you with a new EPC to help you stay compliant for the next 10 years. Whatever you plan to do with the business, we offer swift solutions and our highly qualified energy assessors can provide you with an energy performance certificate.

What is included with the EPC?

Only qualified assessors registered with an approved government accreditation scheme can complete an EPC. They will visit your property and assess how energy efficient it providing results in a graph format. The EPC includes recommendations on what you need to do to improve your building's energy rating and clearly shows how well it is performing right now.

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For anyone wishing to rent or sell their property, the EPC must be provided within 28 days of it being marketed. Once your property is provided with a current energy performance certificate it is valid for a period of 10 years unless you decide to pay for a new one following energy efficiency improvements. 

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