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Asbestos management companies Manchester

Asbestos management companies

What makes Intelligent Building Works stand out from other Asbestos Management Companies in the Northwest?

Our fast, efficient professional service rivals our competitors by many lengths meaning our clients are able to continue their work without undue delay and costly extensions.

As many are aware, exposure to some types of asbestos fibres can lead to serious diseases such as Pleural Mesothelioma, a type of cancer which is very dangerous. This can take around 20 years for symptoms to present, unfortunately, so can go undetected.

We work closely with construction workers such as builders, shopfitters, and demolition crews as well as structural engineers, architects and private property owners.

Asbestos Surveys

Our structured approach results in clients being fully informed, so far as it is reasonably practical, the full extent of asbestos-containing materials within a building and then detail the product type, condition, surface treatment, asbestos type and extent.

Our asbestos surveyors include photographs of sampled and suspect asbestos-containing materials, property plans, material risk assessment and recommendations for managing or removing asbestos-containing materials.

Whether you require a management survey or a pre-demolition/refurbishment survey you can be assured of our high attention to detail and professional application.

Asbestos removal

Should you require asbestos removal as a comprehensive Asbestos management company we can take care of that also.  See more here

NB. The HSE guidance states that if the asbestos-containing material (ACM) is in good condition and is unlikely to be disturbed, it should be managed and not removed.

For an Asbestos Management Company you can trust to get the job done quickly and efficiently, call 0161 413 2998 to arrange an appointment.

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