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managing asbestos

Managing asbestos

You have had the presence of asbestos confirmed with an asbestos survey, a survey report has been issued and the location of asbestos material has been catalogued in detail. So, what happens next?

Do I have to automatically have the asbestos removed?

This depends on the condition and site of the asbestos. If the asbestos is in good condition and is situated in a position where it is unlikely to be accidentally damaged, it may be better to treat it as opposed to removing it. It only poses a risk when the material is disturbed or broken releasing hazardous dust. It should be completely removed as soon as possible if it is located in an area where it could become damaged or a deterioration would prove to be a hazard for the building's occupants.  

Do I have to close the building immeadiately?

Each case is treated as an individual and will depend on how much asbestos has been found, what is the material score and priority score? The asbestos survey report has included recommendations regarding how to manage the asbestos safely. If the asbestos is not in good condition or damaged it is likely it would be recommended that the building be closed.

Can you sort the problem?

Yes, we carry out all non-licensed and notifiable non-licensed asbestos removal works nationally. We deliver a safe asbestos removal service with the minimum amount of disruption to your business at very competitive prices.

How much will it cost?

We will be happy to provide a full comprehensive quotation but generally the cost of removing asbestos starts at approx. £50+ per sq. metre but can rise to thousands if the asbestos presence is extensive. It is well worth the investment;  your property will be safer and it can also increase the value.

How long will it take?

Each case is treated as an individual case, we will be happy to provide an estimate of how long removal will be expected to take and if we envisage any potential complications which may extend the length of time.

Do I have to notify anyone?

As a licenced contractor engaged in asbestos removal, we are obliged to notify the HSE about removal, even when it is for substances such as asbestos-cement which can be carried out by a non-licensed contractor — so-called ‘notifiable non-licensed work’, or NNLW.

Will staff and employees need to be tested medically?

If the asbestos is not in a good condition and it is located where the potentially harmful fibres could be inhaled or ingested, we would recommend staff and employees seek medical attention. The fibres can lodge within the tissue of the lungs and cause irritation and potentially lead to illness and cancerous growths.

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