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safe asbestos removal

Safe Asbestos removal

Asbestos has developed a reputation for being an incredibly dangerous material which should be feared and, if discovered, has catastrophic consequences.

Asbestos-containing material, is in fact, not generally considered to be harmful. Precautions do need to be taken however, and safe asbestos removal will be required if it has become disturbed, or damaged or is being handled.  As a natural fibrous material, it can release dust or fibres into the air where they can be inhaled or ingested. For this reason, asbestos containing material needs only to be handled by experts such as ourselves.

Over the next couple of pages, we have outlined the most commonly asked questions regarding asbestos and its safe removal, if you have a query we haven’t covered here please do not hesitate to call, we would be happy to clarify.

What are the signs I need a survey?

Property owners should never actively seek to identify whether asbestos is present themselves; you will have a good idea whether there is a possibility of Asbestos by knowing what year the property was built or renovated. The use of Asbestos became illegal in the year 2000.  If you are considering any demolition or renovation work which involves part of the building which characteristically was a common area for asbestos to be used such as the ceilings, floors etc it would be a good idea to contact a specialist asbestos team such as ourselves to carry out a pre-demolition survey. It is also useful to familiarise yourself with what Asbestos looks like and what are the common areas where you may find asbestos present.

How is the survey carried out?

Our professional experienced team of asbestos surveyors will systematically work their way through your building looking for signs of suspicious materials. All areas should be made available including the loft, cellars, garages etc.

We will record our findings both visually and mechanically and will take samples of any suspicious materials and send for analysis.

How long does the survey take?

This obviously depends on the extent of the probable installation, and the size of the property. We will be happy to give you an estimate of the length of the survey when we have assessed your case.

Do I have a legal obligation?

Yes - The New Control of Asbestos Regulations has been in force since November 2006, which places a legal responsibility for building owners and managers to ensure that workers are not exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres.

What are the next steps

When the results of the survey are known, a survey report is issued which catalogues in detail any asbestos materials found, along with photographs and our recommendations regarding how to manage the asbestos safely.

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